Cyberior – the most comprehensive digital identity theft protection program.

Cyberior offers cyber fraud and digital identity theft
protection solutions to protect the Digital You at every step.

  • Identity Protection
  • Account Breach Protection
  • Device Protection
  • Credit Protection
  • Complimentary Cyber Insurance

Prevent unauthorized access to your accounts and Identity.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals do not discriminate against age. Adults (including senior citizens) are vulnerable given their financial assets, strong credit profile, etc. Children are attractive given their propensity to liberally use social media for sharing information which in terms makes them vulnerable.

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Protect What Matters Most: You

Individuals may not realize that their personal details were exposed or stolen, or if malicious transactions / loans were taken leveraging their strong financial profile until months or years into the future. The matter may only surface when a cyber fraud case is filed or banks come to collect on loans that they were never even aware of.

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Multi-device protection for your modern connected family

The hassle goes beyond blocking credit cards, replacing mobile numbers, changing passwords, fighting with lenders for acts committed by others, etc.The impact is often long term and nightmarish for some victims as it ruins their financial stability, affects social well-being and causes mental distress.

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How does Cyberior work?

By constantly scanning and monitoring your key information we keep you protected through our globally acclaimed digital identity protection program.

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    Investing your few minutes can protect your priceless endeavors for life.

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    Setup your watchlist

    Cyberior keeps an eye on your digital identities for protection.

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    We monitor and detect threats

    Cyberior constantly tracks your digital activity, detects risk and keeps your devices always secure.

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    You will be alerted

    Get an instant alert in case of any suspicious activity in order to avoid the damage.

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    We will help you resolve and reimburse

    Cyberior digital protection helps you to restore your identity. And also assists in resolving and recovering the financial loss, if any.



The Cyberior Shield

Cyberior is an offering by the Europ Assistance Group, a leader in Cyber Fraud and Identity Protection solutions protecting over 165 millions in over 15 countries globally.

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Threats we monitor and detect

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Choose a suitable plan and secure the Digital You

Cyberior offers a variety of plan options for individual, couple and family protection. Start your protection now with Cyberior’s Digital Identity Theft Protection Program


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